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Annesley AbercornAnnesley was born in London and attended Highgate School and University College London.

Later, Annesley was educated at University College London where he obtained a BA (Hons) degree in Politics and an MSc in Democracy & Democratisation. He worked as an Adviser to a former Cabinet Minister for several years and is currently working as a strategic communications consultant to Dragon Advisory – a business advisory consultancy based in Central London. Annesley was also the Chairman of the Bow Group, which is a leading Conservative think tank.

Political/campaigning experience

  • Nearly 20 years of service to the Conservative Party
  • Former local, General Election (2010) and European Parliamentary Candidate (2014)
  • His vote share in the 2010 General Election went up by 4% representing the largest Lib Dem to Conservative swing in NW England. He was a visible, active campaigner and the seat fell to the Conservatives at the subsequent election.
  • He has campaigned for the Conservative Party for every election (Local, Mayoral, European, General) since 2000 and all year round; not just at election time. He has also supported numerous by-election campaignsall over the UK.
  • He is an experienced fundraiser and event organiser having raised nearly £40,000 for the General Election campaign in Hazel Grove constituency where he was the Parliamentary Candidate and also previously organised numerous events for the youth wing of the national Party.
  • He currently serves on the Pinner Ward Committee and has served as its Secretary.
  • He is a former twice Association Deputy Chairman and Executive Member in Brent East and Hornsey & Wood Green.

National Charity Work

In 2015, He founded the Dream Ball, which seeks to raise funds for ‘Big Change’ charity – they seek to tackle the root cause of social disadvantage amongst young people from difficult backgrounds so that they can fulfil their potential. This can be through educational and training opportunities, mental health programmes and citizenship/mentoring skills. So far the Dream Ball has raised £70,000 for charity and the next event takes place on 14th November 2019.

Previous Experience

Annesley is a committed patriot who is proud of our country’s institutions and rich heritage. He joined the Conservative Party because he believes it to be the Party that always put the interests of Britain first. In addition, he believes in personal freedom within the rule of law, individual choice, social mobility, and empowering professionals to run important public services such as the NHS and schools.

Annesley cares passionately about social justice and is concerned about the pockets of multiple deprivation that are increasingly found in a country as wealthy as the UK. He is hugely inspired by the thoughtful work of The Rt. Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP through his Centre for Social Justice.

In early 2010, Annesley was invited to be a guest speaker in a debate at the Oxford Union on the subject of all women shortlists.

He has taken part in many media interviews including for BBC News, ITN, ITV Granada, and is a frequent contributor to BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 2

Annesley has previously served on the National Executive of Conservative Future where he was responsible for political events and was Chairman of London Western Conservative Future (LWCF). During his time as Chairman of LWCF, membership rose by 50%. He has also served as Deputy Chairman of the Brent East Conservative Association and has stood as a local government candidate for the London Borough of Brent in 2006.

Between 2003 and 2004, Annesley served on two policy commissions led by former Home Office Minister, Timothy Kirkhope MEP on the subjects of asylum and immigration. The findings were submitted to the then Shadow Home Secretary.

Annesley has previously worked for a number of Conservative MPs and organisations and addressed the Conservative Party Conference in 2001, 2002, and 2004. He has also spoken at the Conservative Party Spring Forums in 2002 and 2003.

Outside politics, Annesley’s big passion is collecting classic British vehicles. His collection have included a red ‘Routemaster’ double-decker bus, a 1962 three-wheeled milk float and a 1970s ice cream van! Annesley enjoys eating out, good food, cooking, visiting traditional pubs and antique bookshops. Annesley is a member of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) as a great supporter of our pubs and the real ale industry. He is also a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship (CCF).

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